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(4) the old web hosting service provider deleted our account. Yes, perhaps too much bandwidth was used and therefore
this provider deleted our account finally. Now Tutorial World is using another web hosting service provider's server.
There is monthly bandwidth limitation. Don't be surprised if you can't access Tutorial World in the future.  
(5) some people want to know why no new tutorial has been updated since 19 Mar 02. It is because our original target  
( 100 tutorials ) was reached at last. We think that it is a suitable time to stop. Yeah....thanks for your support....!!!!!
We hope that tutorials on this webpage can help all of you. Especially new users. Thanks again. 
(6) we get permissions from these authors ( except Mark's Tetris ) to put these tutorial files on this website. If you want to
put any of these tutorial files on your website, you must ask the permission from the original author first. 
(7) if there is a 2 in the column R, it means that the original version of that tutorial is replaced by a new version.
(8) we suggest that you keep version 4.0 GM on your harddisk as not all version 4.0 GMD files can work in version 4.1 GM.